Compost building

Children of CASA practicing their bioconstruction skills – using natural and waste materials to build a compost bin.

Inspiration in action

Mamido showing us her plans for CASA’s new center!

It was important to us to involve not only the staff but also the children of CASA, so that their needs and desires were also taken into account in the conception of the new sustainable center.

Eco-bricks production

For the past year the children of CASA have been producing Ecobricks for their “House made out of bottles”.

Upcycling these plastic wastes takes a heavy burden off the environment, with the implications this may have for humans, and creates an affordable insulation material for the walls and roof of the new center.


Henri built this car from natural and recycled materials he was able to find near CASA’s current center.

River dance

This is where people from the village come to wash themselves and their clothes.

There is a specific noise men and women make from further up to know if they can join or have to wait for their turn.

The children are happy to play there but the water is very polluted, which leads to diarrhoea