Who we are                                                

We are an interdisciplinary team of volunteers unitedimage45 by our common vision: to provide practical sustainable solutions and promote self-resilience around the globe.

From fields as varied as architecture and agriculture to social sciences and medicine, we strive to empower vulnerable communities through a holistic approach.


How it all started

Rohan Guyot-Sutherland’s background in Project Management led him to Cameroon in 2011 as Monitoring and Evaluation Expert for the UNDP on adaptation to climate change.

In addition to his job he became involved in several social and environmental initiatives, including CASA. Their values and struggle to uphold them particularly appealed to him. The more he became involved with them, the more he realized that to become resilient CASA would need a truly sustainable solution in tune with the surrounding communities and the environment. This inspired him to search for innovative techniques that would enable them to achieve self-sufficiency. 

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Over the past few years he has gained extensive experience while working for Earthship Biotecture and in Permaculture projects throughout Africa, Latin America and Europe.

He has already put these skills to use in disaster relief situations in Valparaíso and Atacama (Chile) and by holding workshops to share this knowledge.

During this time he has also surrounded himself with a passionate group of individuals from many fields of expertise. They have joined him in creating the non-profit Eco-CASA and are willing to give up some of their time and money for this project.

What we do

We put an emphasis on careful research and planning and develop an ongoing relationship with our target communities to achieve long-lasting solutions.

Our fields of work include:

  • Bioconstruction and Retrofitting
  • Self-Sustaining Technologies
  • Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Education
  • Healthcare and Sanitation
  • Social and Cultural Initiatives
  • Promoting Local Economies and Solidarity
  • Gender Equality
  • Ecotourism
  • Disaster Relief