“Africa in miniature” is how people often refer to Cameroon. In addition to its diverse range of landscapes and climates, the country is also home to approximately 250 different tribes. Each one possesses its own identity and traditions, which are all rich in terms of art, music and gastronomy.

French and English are the two official languages spoken in Cameroon but there are also numerous local African dialects used depending on the region and tribes.

The social and economic divisions are profound, both in terms of unemployment and gender disparity, but the government has overall been able to guarantee peace and stability since the country’s independence on October 1st 1961. However, at present, we strongly discourage you from visiting the northern region.

The environmental situation is also alarming. The native tropical forest, which is part of the Congo Basin, the world’s second largest “lung”, is being cut down at unprecedented rates. Pollution is also a serious issue as the country still struggles in dealing with its garbage and sewage problems.

On a more positive note, there are many other grassroots organisations like CASA that are aiming to offer viable alternatives to Cameroon’s problems. We welcome you to visit this beautiful country and become a part of the solution.