CASA is an acronym for “Centre d’Accueil le Samaritain”, a Cameroonian NGO based in Edea, which cares for orphans, street children and indigent elderly people from all over the country.

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The organization was founded in 2002 to care for two young children who were left unattended after their mother passed away. Due to Cameroon’s precarious social and economic conditions, demand grew rapidly. To this day, more than 50 children and 20 elderly people have set foot in CASA.

Since its creation CASA has upheld its mission of providing nutrition, healthcare and education to orphans and street children. In addition the organization started accommodating elderly people in need and caring for them all the way through to their funeral.

Bringing children and the elderly together has created a mutually beneficial relationship has emerged, where the children attend to the needs of the elderly people who in turn provide guidance and wisdom to the younger generation.

Presently, 22 children and 10 elderly people reside at the chiefdom of Ekite III, a small village on the outskirts of Edea. Christine NJEWEL is the president of CASA and runs its daily activities with the help of a dedicated team. Her late husband (Mr. Gilbert NJEWEL), who was also the traditional leader of the village, was the host and main financier of the organization. Until the chief’s death in May 2015, CASA had relied on his pension to carry out its noble mission. Without his vital support the organization has been left in a dire situation, relying on rare and sporadic private donations.

CASA’s services are in high demand, but the organization is already struggling to support its current residents. The premises are too small to accommodate the children and elderly people who currently reside there. Equipment is minimal and often worn out, which makes living conditions difficult.