Since it was founded in 2002, CASA has cared for more than 50 orphans, street children and elderlies in need from Cameroon.


The mission of CASA is to provide nutrition, health and education to all of its children. Yet the situation is now worse than ever. The recent death of “Papa NJEWEL”, the host and main financial contributor to the NGO, has left the organisation in a dire situation. The aim, which is now more urgent than ever, is to build an autonomous centre for CASA based on the principals of Permaculture and Earthship Biotecture:

  • Construction using essentially natural and recycled materials;
  • Bioclimatic design suited for a tropical region;
  • Rainwater harvesting and treatment of waste waters on site;
  • Renewable energy and self-sustaining technologies;
  • Symbiotic food production systems;
  • Wellbeing (training and medical facilities).

The villagers, together with focal points from the different parts of Cameroon, will participate in the construction of the centre and then make use of the services it will have to offer. Activities that generate revenue will also be integrated in its design, including tourism, craftsmanship and food.

Our goal is to start building this sustainable centre in December 2015, as it coincides with the region’s longest dry season. We are looking for donations, either in money or in kind, and for volunteers to give a helping hand.

Welcome to CASA and thanks for already being a part of this dream!

~Masé ma gwé me!~