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Our current project aims to build an ecological and self-sustaining center for an orphanage in Cameroon

CASA is an NGO based in Edea (Cameroon), which holds the mission of providing education, health, and nutrition to the orphans, street children and elderly residents under its care. Already challenged by inadequate facilities and equipment, the recent death of CASA’s host and main financier has left the organization in a dire situation and in urgent need of a sustainable solution.

The project being carried out by our team aims to construct an autonomous center for CASA to become self-reliant. The design and techniques are based on principals of Permaculture and Earthship Biotecture:

  • Construction using local, natural and recycled materials
  • Bioclimatic design suited for the tropical region
  • Rainwater harvesting and treatment of waste waters on site
  • Renewable energy and self-sustaining technologies
  • Food production through agro-ecology
  • Training and medical facilities
  • Activities generating revenue
3D Model of Eco-CASA's new center
3D Model of Eco-CASA’s new center

After meticulous research and planning, we are now preparing to start construction in January 2016!  We are still looking for funds, material donations and volunteers! If you would like to help please contact us at:

Masé ma gwé me (thank you) from our team and the children of CASA!
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 The first phase of construction        

ecocasa Reciprocal roof structure


East wall built with plastic bottles as thermic insulation: Air is a good insulation due to its low thermal conductivity.


Wall made with muddy sausages, fibers and bomboo. All materials extracted from the site.


Eco-brikcs form recycled glass bottles, the bottles were inserted for extra lighting during the day.

A final coat has been applied to the firt two rooms. The tires are nearly buried whit topsoil and ornamented mosquito repellent plants.
Scrap wood is being used for the ceiling, whit cardboard serving as insulation under the metal roof. 4 solorbottles were inserted for extra lighting during the day.
Plastic bottles necks (leftovers from the light bricks placed in the walls) were assembled to serve as a natural cooling system.

Compost for organic waste